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Safety devices
Air bags are designed to protect people involved in serious frontal crashes, which account for more than half of all vehicle occupant deaths. When deployed, they act as cushioning devices to keep your head, neck, and chest from hitting the dashboard, steering wheel, or windshield.
Air bags
Air bags are considered an essential safety device in all new passenger vehicles. They are designed to keep your head and chest from hitting the dashboard, steering wheel, or windshield in a front-end crash.
If you slam on your brakes to stop your car in an emergency situation, they can lock up and cause you to lose control of your steering. Anti-lock brakes are designed to prevent your wheels from locking up during a panic stop, especially in adverse weather conditions like ice, snow, and rain.
Anti-lock brakes
Anti-lock brakes are a safety feature available on many new cars. They are designed to help you keep control of your car even when you brake hard.
Choosing a transmission
One of the decisions you'll need to make when buying a car is choosing between an automatic or a standard transmission. The basic difference between the two is in the operation of the clutch.
Automatic or standard?
Deciding whether to buy a car with automatic or standard transmission is a matter of personal preference. Most cars today come with automatic transmissions, which means there is no manual clutch to operate.
New car propulsion
Most new cars that you can purchase today are equipped with front-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive simply means the car uses only the front wheels to pull the car along.
Front-wheel drive
Most vehicles sold today are front-wheel drive. This system uses only the front wheels to deliver power from the engine to the road.
Fuel types
When choosing a car, an important aspect to consider is the type of fuel the engine uses. Generally, gasoline and diesel are the two most common types of engine fuels.
Gasoline vs. diesel
When choosing between a diesel and gasoline car, you should consider the advantages of each. Diesel engines became popular in passenger cars during the gas crisis of the 1970s, mainly because they offered better fuel mileage than gasoline engines.
Keyless/remote entry
The keyless or remote entry feature has become an increasingly popular option for many car buyers. This feature consists of a small hand-held device that allows you to lock and unlock your car's doors and trunk from up to 30 feet away.
Interior types
Choosing between leather and cloth interior for your car is usually a matter of comfort, style, and affordability. Generally, leather interior is much more expensive, but it can last longer, look and feel nicer, and age better than other upholstery.
Leather or cloth interior?
Choosing between leather and cloth interior can be difficult for many car buyers. Although cost is a big factor, there are a few other considerations involved.
Incentives and rebates are programs offered by both vehicle manufacturers and dealers. They may be offered to increase the sales of slow-selling models or perhaps to reduce excess inventories.
Manufacturer or dealer incentives
To stimulate sales and to unload inventory, many car companies offer manufacturer and dealer incentives. These incentives often take the form of rebates, low annual percentage rates on loans, or discounts.
Oftentimes, automobile makers group several option features together and sell them as a package. Their intention is to give consumers the most popular and common features on a particular car model at substantial discounts compared to what they would cost individually.
Options packages
When purchasing a new vehicle, dealers may offer various options packages containing accessories to entice consumers. These extras are usually an additional cost, discussed after the buyer and dealer have agreed upon the price of the car.
Security system
An important option to consider when purchasing a car is a security system. A security system can play an instrumental role in protecting your vehicle from theft or vandalism.
A spoiler is an aerodynamic device attached directly to a car's body, usually on its back end. It gets its name because it 'spoils' the normal flow of air over or under the car when you're travelling at extremely high speeds.
Stereo system
A stereo system is usually one of the most sought-after options on new cars. Depending on how much you want to spend, a system can range from a basic cassette player with AM-FM radio to a comprehensive package that includes a CD player, state-of-the-art speakers, and amplifiers.
Sunroofs have become a popular option for many car buyers, as they provide an easy way for more light and air to enter the car. It's generally considered one of the least expensive luxury items you can obtain.
Types of sunroofs
One option offered by car dealers is a sunroof. Some sunroofs open completely, while others simply tilt upwards, allowing fresh air to enter the car.
Standard warranties
Generally, a standard warranty automatically accompanies the purchase of a new car. A standard warranty usually covers the breakdown of any part that fails under normal usage.
There are many different types of vehicle warranties. A basic warranty generally covers everything except items subject to wear and tear, such as oil filters and wiper blades.
Wheel covers
As the name suggests, wheel covers are simply decorative caps that fit over a car's wheels. They're not necessary for the operation your car, but they can greatly improve the appearance of it as they're intended to cover the less attractive components of the wheel.
There are many different kinds of wheel covers, or 'hubcaps,' that you can purchase for your vehicles. There are new, used, aftermarket, and re-conditioned wheel covers available.

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