Debt counseling services
There are over 200 consumer credit counseling firms operating throughout the United States. These groups receive their funding from business firms. Some charge modest fees for services, but most offer a free credit analysis.
Fixed-rate credit cards
A fixed rate credit card offers a standard interest rate on any balance you carry from month to month. This fixed rate will be stated on your credit card agreement and on your monthly statement.
General mortgage information
A mortgage is a pledge of property to secure the repayment of a debt. A lender will ask you for specific information regarding your source of income, the assets you own, and the debts you owe.
Getting out of debt
The first step to reducing any debt is to stop adding to it. Begin by decreasing the amount of money spent each month and increasing payments to creditors.
Gold cards
A gold card generally refers to a premium credit card which is usually gold in color. These premium credit cards offer the advantages of higher credit limits and extra services, such as purchase insurance and airplane mileage bonuses.
Home equity loans
A home equity loan is money borrowed against the value of your home beyond the amount you owe on it. Home equity loans are sometimes preferable to other forms of credit because they commonly have lower interest rates than credit cards or other unsecured bank loans, and this interest may possibly be deducted from your taxes.
Home improvement loans
Home improvement loans can be obtained from different sources to improve the appearance and value of a house. Traditionally, home owners have taken out a second mortgage to finance home improvements.
How to apply for a credit card
Credit card companies have made it easier than ever to apply for a credit card. Applications are available through direct mail, banks, stores, or restaurants.
How to improve a credit report
Your credit rating is an important factor in determining your eligibility for loans, retail credit purchases, insurance, and employment. There are several steps you can take to improve your credit report.
How to obtain a credit report
To obtain a copy of your personal credit report, contact a major credit bureau, such as Trans Union Credit, T.R.W. Credit Services, and Equifax (EK-wuh-fax).
How to read a credit report
Credit reports contain information about your credit history and performance. A report can contain both positive and negative information including what lines of credit you currently have open and any late or failed payments you may have.
How to settle bad debts
If you are being called by a collection agency, this means that your creditor has already turned over your account to a third party for collection. Collection agencies will often demand prompt payment in full of an outstanding balance.
Length of time to clear bad credit
The length of time that negative information may remain on credit reports is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a Federal law. According to this act, a bankruptcy filing of any type may remain ten years from the date of filing.
Loan payment protection insurance
If you are planning to take out a large loan, you may want to inquire about loan protection insurance. This insurance, usually offered by financial institutions, guarantees that your loan payments will continue to be made if you become disabled or otherwise unable to make payments.
Personal loans and lines of credit
Money can be obtained from lenders in two forms: loans and lines of credit. When you take out a loan, you'll usually begin paying interest on the principal from the moment the loan is approved.
Student loan information
Financing a college education can be accomplished with the aid of student loans. There are a variety of federal, state, local, and private loans available to students needing financial assistance.
Variable-rate credit cards
Some companies now offer variable interest rates on credit cards. These rates will rise and fall as market interest rates fluctuate. While these rates often change, they will usually not go below a set minimum established by each credit card company.

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