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A lump in the neck
There can be many possible causes for a lump in the neck. It could be caused by a skin condition, such as a cyst (SIST). Swelling of the thyroid, lymph or salivary glands can produce a lump, which could be anything from disease such as mumps to a more serious condition like tuberculosis.
About laryngitis
Singers, public speakers and cheerleaders can sometimes lose their voices. The condition is officially known as laryngitis (LAIR-IN-JITE-IS), and is merely an irritation or inflammation of the voice box and vocal cords.
Cancer of the mouth, pharynx, and larynx
The pharynx (FAIR-INKS) is the medical term for the throat. The larynx is the voice box. Together with the mouth, they provide a starting point for several types of cancer.
Chronic cough
A cough is your body's natural way of clearing the windpipe and bronchial tubes of secretion. It can also be a response to various environmental irritants such as pollution or tobacco smoke.
Hoarseness prevention and treatment tips
Hoarseness may be nature's way of getting back at people who talk too much. Overuse of the voice is among the common causes of this condition. Smoking is another.
The thyroid diagnosis
Your thyroid gland produces hormones that control your body's metabolism. Diagnosis of thyroid problems consists of a simple blood test. The level of these hormones in the blood will quickly determine whether or not your thyroid is functioning properly.
Throat cancer
Sometimes a little hoarseness is nothing more than the result of overusing your voice, but it can also be the first sign of throat cancer. Middle-aged men are most susceptible to cancer of the throat or larynx.
In the early part of the twentieth century, tonsillectomies accounted for almost a third of all the surgeries performed in this country. Removing the tonsils was a standard part of childhood.
The tonsils perform an invaluable service during infancy. From their location at the back of the throat, they intercept bacteria from the mouth and allow the body to create antibodies.
Treatment of your thyroid lump
If you have a thyroid lump, the first step is to determine its cause. An ear, nose and throat specialist can run tests to determine the level of hormones in your blood and whether your thyroid is producing too much or too little of them.
Vocal cord facts
You talk on the phone; you talk to friends and family; you probably talk as part of your job. Normal talking is what the vocal cords were designed to do.
Voice disorders
Most parts of the body have specific ways of telling us something is wrong. In the case of the larynx (LAIR-INKS), or voice box, the normal symptom is hoarseness.
What are tonsils?
Tonsils are glands located on sides of your throat, just behind the tongue. They can be seen with the naked eye. Their purpose is to sample incoming bacteria from the mouth and create antibodies to help the body deal with them.
What is a thyroid gland?
The thyroid gland is a small gland in your neck that fits around the esophagus (EE-SOFF-AH-GUS) and windpipe. It produces several hormones that are essential for controlling your body's metabolism.
What is strep throat?
Strep is the informal term for streptococcus (STREP-TOE-KOK-US), a common bacteria that causes such symptoms as a sore throat, swollen lymph glands and fever.
When is a thyroid gland abnormal?
The hormones produced by the thyroid gland control much of our daily activities. If your thyroid is producing too much or too little of these, it's probably not operating properly.
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