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Caring for dancing feet
When you see a ballerina twirling gracefully, or watch Fred Astaire sweep Ginger Rogers across the dance floor in an old movie, you probably don't think about the stress their feet are undergoing.
Caring for your nails
Ingrown toenails and fungal infections are the two most common problems with toenails. By caring for your nails properly, you can probably avoid both.
Foot care for walkers
Like the boots in the old song, your feet were made for walkin'. More and more people seem to be taking that advice to heart; some 30 million Americans regularly walk for fitness.
Foot facts
In an average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of four times around the world. Obviously, that puts a lot of stress on your feet. And your feet are amazingly complex body parts.
General foot care
Imagine if you were stuffed inside a suitcase, and that the suitcase would be twisted, squashed and pounded for hours at a time. That's pretty much what your feet go through every day.
Preventing foot and ankle injuries
An old joke defines the toe as a device for locating furniture in the dark. People stub their toes, step on sharp objects, or sprain their ankles every day.
Proper foot attire
Did Cinderella and the Prince really live happily ever after, or does the story fail to mention the foot problems that resulted from fitting her feet into rigid glass slippers? Foot conditions are far more prevalent in women than men, and many of those problems can be traced to high heels.
Runners and foot care
Running may be great exercise, but without the proper precautions it can do more harm than good. When you run, you're putting a tremendous strain on your feet, essentially smashing them over and over again against a hard surface.
Sports shoes
Nowadays, you can get a pair of shoes designed for practically any sport. No matter if you play basketball, tennis or golf, run, walk or cycle for exercise, you can find shoes intended specifically for that activity.
Stretching and overtraining
There's an old saying, 'The dosage makes the poison.' Overindulgence in anything can be bad, including exercise. Pushing your body to its limits can make it stronger; pushing your body beyond its limits can cause serious damage.
Your feet and first aid
First aid for an injured foot is much like first aid for any other part of the body. If there's a wound, clean it first with soap and water. Use pressure to stop bleeding; elevating the foot may also help.
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