Artificially cooling the testicles
Studies have shown that testicular temperatures of 93 degrees or more can hurt the production and storage of sperm. Some people might call you crazy for icing down your testicles, but it's actually a well-recognized method of fertility-enhancement.
Many contributors have been linked to male-factor infertility. One factor that's often overlooked is bicycling. One problem with cycling is the rising temperature of the testicles from exercise and sitting for a long period of time.
Causes of infertility in men
If you're having problems conceiving, you should be aware of some of the possible causes of infertility in men. Some problems can be treated by your doctor to help you achieve conception.
Environmental risk factors
Some people attribute infertility to a problem with the woman. However, 35 percent of infertility cases are due to problems with male factors. Male infertility is becoming more common.
Excessive heat at night
If you and your partner are trying to conceive, it's important to keep the testicles cooler than the normal body temperature of 98.6 (98 point 6) degrees.
Hot tubs, hot baths, and saunas
Hot tubs, hot baths, and saunas are definitely not a good idea for a man who's trying to reproduce. High temperatures can kill sperm, resulting in a low sperm count.
How is semen analysis done?
If you've been asked to give a semen analysis, you will be given specific instructions by the lab. You shouldn't have sexual intercourse before the test.
Male infertility services
There are several services available for the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility. The first step in diagnosing male infertility problems is semen analysis.
Non-organically grown bananas
There have been suggestions that non-organic bananas can have an adverse effect on male fertility. The problem lies in a popular agricultural chemical, which is claimed to affect the morphology and motility of sperm.
Sitting for long periods
Sitting for long periods of time can affect fertility in men. The testicles can become overheated, hindering sperm production. When sperm reach temperatures over 93 degrees, they can't be produced or stored properly.
Sperm count
Many men undergo a semen analysis to determine a possible cause of infertility. If you're trying to conceive, but aren't succeeding, your doctor might recommend a semen analysis.
Sperm questions
Did you know that 40 to 50 percent of all infertility is caused by a sperm defect as a primary or contributing factor? The field of male-factor infertility is making a lot of progress, but many areas still remain a mystery.
Underwear and tight clothing
Is it true that tight underwear or pants can decrease your fertility? Yes, it is. The problem with briefs and tight pants is they keep the testicles too close to your body.
What about smoking and drinking alcohol and caffeine?
Evidence has linked reproductive impairment with exposure to alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. Alcohol can have negative effects on both male and female reproductive organs.
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