Many organizations promote the interests of older adults. One of the best known and largest of the organizations is the American Association of Retired Persons, or the A-A-R-P.
Anxiety and panic attacks
Generally, feelings of anxiety in the elderly increase due to physical limitations and personal stresses, which increase their feelings of vulnerability.
Attitudes toward sex
There's a common misconception that sexual drives and capabilities decrease with age. Studies show that just the opposite is true. As men and women age, both can, and do stay sexually active even beyond the age of 80.
Depression in seniors
Strain and negative events in life can lead to depression and affect the psychological stability of older people. Depression may occur in elderly people due to fears of disability and death.
Diet "dos and dont's"
Although most people probably learned about food groups in grade school, there have been some important changes to this dietary plan in the past decade.
Exercise and nutrition
Exercise and nutrition are important at any age, but older people, especially, need to pay attention to the quality of the food they eat and to taking part in regular physical activity.
Hobbies can be enriching at any age. They provide a welcome break during the working years and may even lead to another career after retirement. Hobbies can also present a means of making new friends, and they offer the sense of accomplishment that comes from mastering anything from baking to woodworking.
Urinary incontinence (in-CON-tin-ince), or the involuntary loss of bladder control, affects many people, but because it's an embarrassing condition to discuss with a physician, many never seek treatment.
Nursing home options
When you think of living and care options for the elderly, nursing homes probably come to mind. However, today's seniors have a variety of options, depending on their level of functioning, income, and personal preferences.
Nursing home services
The level of care provided by nursing homes has improved significantly over the past few decades, and many facilities now provide much of the nursing care that was previously available only in a hospital setting.
Nursing home types
The decision to place a family member in a nursing home often brings feelings of grief and remorse. These days, however, the picture is not so grim because homes offer many excellent living and care options to choose from.
Preventing home falls
Every year, a large number of people over the age of 70 take a fall, and many those hospitalized never regain their former level of independence. Elderly people tend to be susceptible to falls for a number of reasons, including failing eye sight, hearing loss, arthritis, problems of coordination, and certain neurological disorders associated with aging.
Selecting a nursing home
Selecting a nursing home can be somewhat overwhelming, but with the proper planning, it can also be a rewarding experience. If you decide that you need help selecting a home, you may wish to seek out the ombudsperson (AWM-budz-per-sun) service in your state.
Self esteem is a term that describes how we feel about ourselves. It affects every aspect of our lives--how we think, act, feel, and how we relate to others.
Senior dietary fiber needs
Dietary fiber is classified as either soluble (SOLLl-yuh-bul) or insoluble, and each group can have positive benefits to your health regardless of your age.
Senior discounts
Older adults are offered a wide variety of discounts. In some cases, proof of age may be required when obtaining certain discounts. While some discounts are offered to those who are 50 and over, others may not be offered until the age of 60 or 65.
Sixty and single
Many people reach the so-called 'Golden Age' of their lives and find themselves single again. Whether this is a result of late-life divorce or the death of a spouse, the situation can be quite devastating.
Nearly everyone, at sometime in life, has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, a condition known as insomnia. Insomnia can be short-term, lasting anywhere from a few nights to a few weeks, or long-term, lasting months or even years.
The sixty-plus body
Many older adults are experiencing healthy and happy lives due to medical advances, good nutrition, and exercise. Of course, changes due to aging are gradual and may go unnoticed for years, such as hair graying and skin wrinkling.
Vitamin and mineral supplements for seniors
Most experts will advise you to attempt to meet your nutritional needs with food, rather than vitamin and mineral supplements. This is important because there isn't yet enough known about some essential nutrients to enable nutritionists to make firm recommendations.
Recently, elderly people have been increasing their role in the community as volunteers. New perspectives toward aging have contributed to this trend, along with the changing demographics of senior citizens and the current social policies encouraging volunteerism.
What about nursing home admission?
Many elderly people are able to take care of themselves and their households for the duration of their lives, and others require only minor assistance that can be provided by programs such as adult day care.
What if I fall at home?
As a result of certain diseases associated with aging such as osteoporosis (oss-tee-oh-puh-ROW-sis), tripping and falling can be extremely dangerous, but knowing what to do in the event of an accident can greatly reduce your risk of further injury.
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