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Acne scar treatment
Severe acne during adolescence often leads to facial scarring. A facial treatment program, which may include removal of selected scars, dermabrasion or sanding, punch-grafts, and application of topical medications, can provide improvement for many people.
Alternatives to face-lifts
Recent advances are changing the treatment of aging, making sometimes replacing the option of a face-lift. After assessing your facial proportions and the quality of you skin, a treatment plan unique to your needs is created.
Bell's palsy correction
Bell's palsy is characterized by paralysis on one side of the face and affects over 40,000 people each year. This disorder is caused by swelling of the seventh cranial nerve in the face.
Cheek enhancements
Cheek enhancement is a cosmetic surgical procedure used to build a person's cheekbones to bring a more desired balance to the face. A relatively flat cheekbone can be enhanced or made more prominent with the insertion of cheek implants.
Cheek reduction
Sometimes patients have with round faces and feel they look fat. By removal of the buccal (BUCK-el) fat pads through a one-centimeter incision in the mouth, the facial contours can be made more angular.
Collagen and fat injections
Both collagen and fat injections are used to fill depressions or lines in the skin. Collagen is a normal component of all skin; however, the material used for an injection is prepared from calfskin.
Collagen for lip augmentation
Collagen injections can give your lips the look you desire. The collagen used for this procedure is the same kind found in human skin, but it's derived from cowhide.
Endermologie for better skin texture and appearance
Many women are affected by cellulite-a skin condition caused by fluid retention, enlargement of fat cells, or loss of elasticity of the skin. Too much cellulite can result in a 'clumpy' appearance.
As part of the natural aging process, the skin and muscles of the lower face and neck lose elasticity, resulting in jowls and a poor neck contour. A face lift can be used to restore a more youthful appearance to the lower two-thirds of the face, from below the eyes down to the upper part of the neck.
Filling defects
Your own tissue can be used to improve changes in your appearance from trauma, acne, or the effects of aging. For small areas, like acne scars or your 'lipstick line,' laser dermal grafts are used to help restore natural proportions.
Fine wrinkles
Fine wrinkles begin to appear in our thirties and are often the result of excessive sun exposure, which breaks down the collagen (CAHL-oh-jin) and elastin (EE-last-in) in our skin.
If your eyebrows droop severely, forehead-lifting may help. A forehead-lift can help smooth the forehead skin and raise your eyebrows. It also can improve crow's feet at the outer aspects of your eyes.
Frown lines (Botulinum Type A)
Botulism Toxin Type A also known as Botox is a proprietary drug now used for the improvement of facial animation wrinkles, lines, and creases. Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles around the wrinkles, causing them to disappear.
Gore-Tex subcutaneous implants
New developments in facial implants have made it easier than ever to augment the nasal labial fold, also known as the buccolabial (byou-koh-LAY-bee-uhl) fold, which is the groove that runs from your nose to the corner of your mouth.
Laser resurfacing
Laser resurfacing helps to improve the texture of your skin, soften age spots, remove pre-cancerous skin changes, and improve scars from conditions such as acne or from trauma.
Medium and deep facial peels
A chemical peel, also known as chemosurgery, is a process that minimizes the aging effects of fine lines and wrinkles of the forehead, eyelids, cheeks, mouth, and uneven skin pigmentation.
Mid face-lift
A mid face lift can be used with a traditional face lift or before or after a face lift. This new lift actually puts the cheeks in the proper proportional position.
Scar correction
Automobile accidents, dog bites, and other injuries can cause obvious scars. These scars can often be improved by revision surgery using plastic surgical techniques.
Scar revision
Scar tissue forms as a natural part of the healing process. When the skin has been broken, whether by accident or by surgery, a scar will usually form.
Skin concerns
Skin conditions afflict many people. When these conditions affect the face, consultation with a plastic surgeon is sometimes sought. Sun-damage, coarse skin, fine wrinkling, irregular coloration, and other problems can be helped with individualized treatment.
Skin treatment/facial rejuvenation
Your skin is made up of millions of living cells. Everyday, thousands of cells die and are replaced by cells formed below their surface. As we age, the process of cell replacement becomes slower.
Spider veins
Spider veins are blood vessels that appear on the body, particularly the legs and occasionally the face or elsewhere. They occur in both men and women, but occur most frequently in women.
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