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Golf Fundamentals

Backswing basics
From the moment you address the ball all the way through the backswing, there are a number of angles to keep in mind. Start with the stance. Your feet should be spread apart at shoulder-width.
Clubface and ball position
Where should the ball be positioned when you swing? That depends on which club you're using. For a driver, assuming you're right-handed, it should be aligned with your left armpit.
How to keep score
There are two ways to score a round of golf. In match play, you keep track of who scores lower on each hole. Whoever wins the most holes wins the match.
Perfect posture
Your mother probably told you the importance of good posture, and it's likely your golf instructor will, too. Start by standing up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Positioning the head
Your eyes dictate what your head position should be. You want to keep the ball directly in the center of your vision so you can concentrate on it completely.
Setting up your swing
Setting up, or addressing the ball, is the key to establishing a good golf swing. The first step is to figure out where you want the ball to go. In other words, aim.
What about grip?
Before you take your first swing at a golf ball, you should learn how to grip the club. Bad grip habits are hard to break once you've developed them.
What is a downswing?
The downswing is your chance to build up enough speed with the clubhead to hit the ball. The more speed you build up, the harder you'll hit it and the farther it'll go.
What is a handicap?
In most sports, if you compete against a far superior opponent, the results are pretty predictable. You'll lose, your opponent will win, and the game won't be much fun for either of you.

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